Dear Families,
My name is Rabbi Michael Berenson and I am in charge of the Elite Academy Program (Naale) at Ulpanat Amana for girls in Kfar Saba.
The program is for 3 years and is meant for girls who are interested in a modern orthodox atmosphere in a school for girls only.
The first year is focused on studying Hebrew along with Judaic studies, mathematics ,P.E., English and history. There is an option for science in the first year if there will be a demand from the girls.
The second and third years are geared to complete all requirements for a full Israeli High- School Diploma (teudat bagrut). During those years the girls will study all subjects required by the Israeli Ministry of Education to getting the diploma.
The girls will be living in the dormitory of Amana which is on the on the grounds of the school along with our Israeli students. The girl's staff will include besides myself , a mechanechet (educator), dorm mother, dorm counselor, school counselor and social worker who will be attending to all of your daughter's needs. This is of course over and above the teaching staff .
The school has a library, computer lab for after school hours. There are various activities in the evenings such as kapoare, cooking , dancing, etc. The girls can also get permission to go shopping in pairs in Kfar Saba in the afternoon after school hours.
I myself made aliya as a teenager and am familiar with the hardships of changing countries, changing schools and having to make new friends.. Therefore, I am aware of the girls needs and problems and so I am on call for the girls and their families.
For any questions feel free to call me at 972-50-5707456 or 972-9-7928430 or write to me by e-mail at
Hope to hear from you soon,
Rabbi Michael Berenson